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Nitrile Rubber

Nitrile Rubber

Detailed Description

Nitrile rubber is versatile and flexible closed cell insulation suitable for applications up to an approximate maximum continuous operating temperature of 105ºC.

Elastomeric products offer excellent flexibility.

  • Resistant to water vapour.
  • Resistant to thermal transmittance properties.
  • Oil and acid resistant (refer to manufacturer’s data sheets before installation).
  • Excellent adhesive and coating receptiveness.
  • Good cutting characteristics and easy to fabricate.

Uses Elastomeric insulation or nitrile rubber products are used to prevent condensation on refrigeration copper piping, heating and ventilation pipe work and air-conditioning pipe work. Within its stated temperature range, there are few restrictions which would prohibit the use of this product with proper installation techniques.

It can be used on hot and cold plumbing pipes and also as an insulation blanket on ductwork.


  • Refrigeration pipe work, heating and ventilation pipe work, air-conditioning pipe work.
  • Heating and ventilation ductwork systems.
  • Vessels and curved or irregular surfaces
  • Nitrile rubber will not contribute significantly to fire and in certain circumstances is self-extinguishing.
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